Friday, 1 December 2017

Asuka Conqueror Update For December 1st

Kambi's oddsmakers have once again snipped the odds for Asuka to be defeated before next year's WrestleMania.

A market, where clients can have a bet on the day the undefeated athlete suffers a loss, has been available to customers since mid-September. The clients could pick one of three options - 'Before WrestleMania', 'During WrestleMania' or 'On First Day After WrestleMania 34 Or Later'. 

Date Of Asuka's Loss Betting Odds

As you can see in the table above, the 'Before WrestleMania' selection went from 2/1 into 6/4 between November 17th and 26th. Then - when the market was relaunched yesterday evening - the price had been cut to 5/4.

This is good news to those who believe WWE should retain Asuka's undefeated streak beyond WrestleMania as the odds for this are now at 8/13.

In my opinion, if done right, Asuka's streak should extend way beyond WrestleMania. 

Another market - where clients can have a punt on the person who delivers the loss - has also been adjusted since the start of the week.

The bookies have cut Charlotte Flair from 2/1 into 7/4 and Paige - who seems to be on a collision course with Asuka - has lowered from 5s into 4/1. She was 10/1 before her return to TV a fortnight ago.

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