Sunday, 3 December 2017

Daniel Bryan's Odds To Wrestle A Return Match For WWE Cut

The odds for Daniel Bryan's comeback match to take place inside a WWE ring have been cut in a specials market that's available from the websites that publish betting odds from the Kambi Group.

In the market - customers can have a punt on the promotion that they believe Bryan will next wrestle for.

His current employers - WWE - was 6/4 when I wrote about the odds on Friday. They have since been cut into 3/4.
Daniel Bryan's Next Match Betting Odds

As you can see above, the selection has been on the decline as it was 2/1 on the day the market was first opened.

The rest of the list is still showing the same pricing as Friday.

I surmise that the punters have been watching Smackdown lately. There have been teases of tension between Smackdown's General Manager and his superior, Shane McMahon.

It would be an interesting turn of events if Daniel Bryan's return is as a WWE roster member. He was forced to retire due to concussion issues in early 2016. WWE is in the midst of a legal issue with former talent attempting to sue the company in a class action suit concerning concussions and I can't see how Bryan being brought back to wrestle will look good in WWE's defence after the publicity it generated from forcing Bryan to stop competing.

With that said, Bryan has stated - in numerous interviews - that he is looking for other medical opinions that would give him the green light. However, this would have to be okayed by the very same doctor who made the call to end Bryan's career - Joseph Maroon.

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