Saturday, 10 March 2018

Kambi's WON Star Rating Specials For Fast Lane 2018

In the most recent post, I mentioned that the Kambi oddsmakers have priced up betting markets for this weekend's WWE Fast Lane 2018 show. These include the Wrestling Observer star ratings specials where customers can guess/bet on how the Wrestling Observer Newsletter's Dave Meltzer will react to the matches on tomorrow's card.

The first market on the board is one where clients can have a punt on Meltzer awarded one of his famous five stars (or higher) to any of the bouts at Fast Lane. For this month's show, the bookies are offering 10/1.

Another market is one where punters can have a gamble on what they believe will receive the most stars when the review of the event is published next week.

There are three selections available. They are: WWE Championship 4/6, Smackdown Tag Team Championship 4/6 or 'Any Other' at 6/1.

There are also over/under specials where the bookie has set a line where he or she believes the match will be graded by Meltzer. The customer can then choose to bet whether the actual amount of stars in the upcoming review will go over, under or exactly on the line.

Here are the matches along with the lines:

Shinsuke Nakamura .vs. Rusev: 3 Stars
The Usos .vs. The New Day: 3.75 Stars
Charlotte Flair .vs. Ruby Riott: 2.5 Stars
Bobby Roode .vs. Randy Orton: 3.25 Stars
Becky Lynch and Naomi .vs. Natalya and Carmella: 2.25 Stars
WWE Championship: 4 Stars


  1. I like the under a bit for the main event, though Meltzer loves multi-man matches. There are a few guys in it that he doesn't really care for, though, so I could see it ending up in the 3.5 range, especially since I don't think it'll be particularly good. The over for Charlotte/Ruby is also somewhat appealing.

    1. agree on the main event, also I’d take the under on Roode v Orton

  2. Todd Williams I think Fastlane main event will be better than Elimination chamber main event. Meltzer gave EC main event as 3.75

    I am pretty sure Fastlane main event will atleast get 4

    1. Oooh, I'm not so confident that tomorrow's main event will be better than Elimination Chamber, but we'll see!

    2. The talent involved looks a step down from the chamber to me


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