Monday, 11 June 2018

Kambi Removes Mania 35 Market

The oddsmakers from Kambi removed a WrestleMania 35 betting market today.

The market in question is the one where customers can place wagers on who is holding the WWE Raw Women's Championship at the close of the event. I noticed it was still available this morning when I was making note of all the markets, but it's a conspicuous absence this afternoon.

I sense there's a reason why it has been taken off the board.

Ric Flair, while being interviewed over the weekend, mentioned that Ronda Rousey is only contracted to WWE for one year.

From there, a lot of websites have ran with the story. I've even seem some report that Rousey could even be gone before next year's WrestleMania, which is laughable considering Rousey was one of the wrestlers brought out for the WrestleMania 35 press conference a few weeks ago and she stated she would be there at the event.

Furthermore, Rousey's name was a key part of these new TV deals that WWE signed for 2019 onwards. It was her image that Fox used when talking to WWE about bringing Smackdown to its network (it stood out to me because Ronda is a Raw wrestler) and I kind of feel if Rousey was one of the reasons why these deals were signed, WWE would have had to have told its suitors that there was a potential that Rousey would no longer be with the company when these deals kick in.

So, it should go without saying that - even though I have no inside information on Rousey's contract - logic makes me doubt she's only in for a year.

And if any bookmaker would like to price up a proposition market based on this news, I wouldn't hesitate to bet on Rousey still being contracted to WWE beyond WrestleMania 35.

The Raw Women's Championship Mania market being taken down is somewhat puzzling because the obvious favourite - if it isn't going to be Rousey - hasn't even been on the list since it was first priced up.

With Charlotte Flair versus Ronda Rousey the favourite to headline WrestleMania 35 in another market - and with Flair favoured to win the 2019 women's Royal Rumble - not being a selection in the Raw Women's Championship market has been surprising.

Charlotte should have been on that list even if she isn't a member of the Raw brand like all of the other selections.


  1. I like your analysis here David. I have to believe the money involved with both networks had to include the presence of Ronda passed 35. Joe

  2. On another note, wonder if we will see NXT Takeover odds?


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