Monday, 10 September 2018

Bar Moved To 10/11 In Smackdown Betting And More

The Bar have been lowered to 10/11 to win their match against Rusev Day on tomorrow night's edition of WWE Smackdown.

Cesaro and Sheamus' price was at 11/10 when I last wrote about the market - which is available from Sky Bet - yesterday evening. They had been available at these odds since the middle of last week.

The Bar
Rusev Day
5/9 9:50AM
7/9 11:20AM
10/9 10:19PM

As a result, a victory in favour of Rusev Day has moved up to 4/5. This is an improvement from the 4/7 that customers were offered on Wednesday.

The winners will go on to wrestle The New Day for the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship at this Sunday's Hell in a Cell 2018 PPV.

In last night's post, I mentioned that the oddsmakers have opened betting on another Smackdown bout - Charlotte Flair .vs. Sonya Deville.

Shortly after publishing the post, Deville's odds were cut from 2/1 into 7/4. Flair's were increased slightly from 4/11 into 2/5.

As for tonight's Raw market - Ronda Rousey and Natalya remain 1/3 favourites to beat Alexa Bliss and Alicia Fox (9/4).

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