Sunday, 10 February 2019

Betting On The Entry Position Of Next Week's Chamber Winner

I was asked a question about one of Kambi's betting markets last night and - as I didn't know whether my answer was correct - I contacted the customer help team for clarification.

I've yet to get confirmation, but I'll write about the market nonetheless and then post an update at a later point (Read Update).

The person asked me to take a look at a betting market that will pay out on the 'Entry Number of Match Winner' and to check what would happen if one of the two wrestlers to start wins the match. They wanted clarification on which wrestler would be deemed number one and who would be number two when the bets are settled.

This is just a guess on my part, but I would consider the first wrestler to be introduced AFTER all the other wrestlers have entered their pods to be number one. Then, the next - and final introduced wrestler - would be number two. (My guess was incorrect - Kambi has clarified how the market will be settled IN THIS POST)

Like I said, I do not know for sure if this is how it'll be graded, but it's how I would settle it.

I have placed a few bets on this special.

The market is offering the following prices as of the time of writing:

Entrant 1 - 9/2
Entrant 2 - 9/2
Entrant 3 - 9/2
Entrant 4 - 13/4
Entrant 5 - 13/4
Entrant 6 - 13/4

I believe that Daniel Bryan will end up retaining and I can't shake off the feeling that he'll enter in third spot. However, I have also backed the fourth and fifth just in case.

I'll profit if any of the three positions turn out in my favour with the third place making me the most. Any other result will be a loss (obviously!).

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