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Kambi Clarifies How Entry Order Markets Will Be Settled For Elimination Chamber

In a post published yesterday evening, I wrote about the 'Entry Number Of Match Winner' markets that's available from the Kambi Group for this Sunday's Elimination Chamber matches and noted that a regular visitor had contacted me to clarify how the first and second entrants would be determined seeing as the match will start off with the first two entrants.

In the post, I surmised that the first entrant would be the wrestler who is first introduced to the audience once all of the pods inside the Elimination Chamber are filled. Then, the last person to enter the match would be the second

My guess was incorrect. As mentioned last night, I was awaiting a response from the Kambi traders and they've sent me a very detailed response this morning.

Just like with all WWE markets almost everywhere, Kambi will determine the entry order by what is reported on WWE's official website.

However, should WWE not indicate a first or second entrant in its report of the match, the oddsmakers will refer to a historical trend that WWE has used in the past to highlight the first and second entries in its Elimination Chamber match reports.

Apart from last year - when the WWE website did not indicate which of the three starters was the first, second or third entrant (Miz lost a match against John Cena to make him one of the three starters in the 2018 match) - the reports have referred to the last person with a ring introduction to be the first entrant in the match.

Kambi notes that WWE has pointed out, via match reports on its official website, that these wrestlers - who were introduced last - were deemed the number one entry into the match:

2015: Lucha Dragons in the tag team Elimination Chamber match
2015: Dolph Ziggler in the  Elimination Chamber match for the Intercontinental Championship
2017: John Cena in the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship

Using this rule for 2018, the oddsmakers would have determined the initial entrants in this order as The Miz's ring introduction took place after the pods were filled, Seth Rollins came next and then Finn Balor was the last man to get an entrance.

1 - Finn Balor
2 - Seth Rollins
3 - The Miz

So, the gist is this - if WWE announces a first and second entrant, that will be how it's graded. If the report does not indicate who's one and two, the bookies will refer to the trend and have the last man/women's tag team to be introduced to the audience as the official first participant/s.

The full email, with the detailed explanation, can be found below.:

Settlement of "entry" bets will be done in accordance to the entry order issues in the first official result declared at the end of the live broadcast. Should this information not be published by, markets will be settled in accordance to what has been the latest historical pattern adopted by the organization in order to determine entry numbers 1 and 2 in previous Elimination Chamber matches, as explained below.

With the exception of last year's editions of the Elimination Chamber where no entry order was published in the results article of (, the latest historical trend adopted by the official website is to consider the last of the match participants to be introduced by the ring announcer/have their entrance music played as entry number 1. This has been the case in the last 3 Elimination chamber matches where WWE has issued an entry order via its official website and in all cases the last participant to be introduced to the ring was considered as entry number 1 in the official result. Below please find official links for your perusal:

2017 edition for the WWE Championship: John Cena is the last participant to have his entrance music played before the match started and considered as entry number 1 by the official result:

2015 edition for the Intercontinental Championship: Dolph Ziggler is the last participant to have his entrance music played before the match started and considered as entry number 1 by the official result:

2015 edition for the Tag Team Championship: Lucha Dragons are the last participants to have their entrance music played before the match started and considered as entry number 1 by the official result:

To summarize, should issue an entry order we will base the settlement of the entry markets on's interpretation while in case the entry order of entry numbers 1 and 2 is not defined in the offical report, or no entry order is published at all, settlement will be based on the historical pattern as described above.

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