Monday, 4 February 2019

Women's Tag Team Championship Betting Update For February 4th

Tonight's edition of WWE Raw will, if things go to plan, see Sasha Banks and Bayley added to the Elimination Chamber match to determine new WWE Women's Tag Team Champions by winning a qualifier against Alicia Fox and Nikki Cross.

If the match happens, and Banks and Bayley progress to the February 17th PPV, one more spot will remain and all reports are pointing to the team of Naomi and Carmella being the final additions.

I came across a picture when I was browsing Twitter last night. It was for the Elimination Chamber and had Banks/Bayley and Naomi/Carmella alongside all of the other confirmed teams. I believe the image because, as of right now, the match is heel-heavy. With Bayley and Sasha added tonight, they'd need one more babyface team and Naomi/Carmella would fit.

The oddsmakers from Sky Bet have added Naomi and Carmella to a market where customers can place wagers on the possible last entrants winning the match in less than a fortnight. They've been installed at 20/1.

Another addition to the list is the team that is scheduled to compete against Bayley and Sasha on tonight's Raw. They're also 20s.

WWE Women's Tag Team Champions
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All of the price changes I've been able to record can be viewed in the image above. The teams that are confirmed have been highlighted in light blue while the two teams that appear in the image, but not confirmed yet, are in grey.

In my opinion, Bayley and Sasha are the rightful favourites. They were the first to bring up wanting to be women's tag team champions in a promo sometime last year. This was months before Vince McMahon made it official on the Christmas edition of WWE Raw.

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