Monday, 11 March 2019

Los Angeles Stadium Added To WrestleMania 37 Venue Market

Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park has been added to a betting market in which people can place wagers on the venue of WrestleMania 37.

The market was created by the oddsmakers from Kambi and was first published yesterday. I wrote about it in this post from yesterday and noted that the opening favourite was 'Any Location in Las Vegas'.

In the post, I noted that the National Football League's Oakland Raiders are moving to the city in over a years time and thought that the stadium that's currently being built to house the team was possibly on the bookmaker's mind when they had Las Vegas as Mania 37's venue.

Somebody left a note in the comment section of the post in the early hours of this morning asking why another upcoming NFL ground - the aforementioned 'Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park' - was not included in Kambi's list.

I thought it was a good shout considering the Los Angeles venue is, just like the Las Vegas building, set to open in time for the 2020 NFL season and asked if it was possible to have the selection added to the market.

The selection is 7/2. It's a joint second favourite with Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium which is where the most recent Super Bowl was played.

Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park will be the host venue of the 2022 Super Bowl, so - if WrestleMania 37 were to be held there - it would kind of be like a repeat of what happened with Levi's Stadium as it hosted WrestleMania in 2016 and then a Super Bowl the following year.


  1. Thanks for inquiring about this (and apologies for the double-post on the other post). In your opinion, why do you think that Vegas is the favorite over it?

    1. You don't need to apologise. It should be me apologising to you as I wasted your time by getting to you write the second post! I didn't want to publish it immediately as I wanted to get the bookie's price for you first.

      As for your question - I cannot speak for them, so this is my assumption just like it was when I first saw Las Vegas as the fave when the market opened.

      With the Manias on the east coast in successive years, they must have rightfully concluded that there was a strong chance of thirty-seven being held in a different location so might have ran with Vegas because of the new stadium, the fact the city is hosting this year's NFL draft and will not be the site for a Super Bowl until at least 2025.

      I don't know why they didn't have Los Angeles Stadium in there. It could have simply been an oversight considering the Las Vegas stadium has been in the news more than Los Angeles recently.

    2. When I wrote about Las Vegas as well as its new stadium being in the news more than the Los Angeles Stadium, I meant in general sport news and not wrestling news.

    3. But then again, AEW Double Or Nothing being in Vegas is also 'wrestling news' ha.

    4. When you say the Vegas stadium was in the news more, do you just mean because of the situation with the Raiders struggling to find a place to play in 2019? I would have thought that the earlier Super Bowl in LA would be an indication that's considered the bigger deal, thus WWE would try to get there first. For what it's worth, ever since they announced Tampa, in my head I've been thinking 2021 LA, 2022 Atlanta, 2023 Vegas.

    5. That and Las Vegas being the host of the NFL draft.

      Speaking from my experience, and considering Kambi is also in Europe, we have to look for any sort of NFL news as the mainstream agencies over here rarely cover it. So, the Raiders situation for the upcoming season, Las Vegas getting the draft are the main things I know about. Any LA news that I can recall reading is kind of dated now. I think that's why I subconsciously didn't even think about LA Stadium until your comment on Monday morning.

      I'd like to see the odds on those cities getting Mania in that order!

    6. If you find out, that's something I'd be interested in.


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