Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Raw's Ratings Are UNDERwhelming

The television ratings for last night's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw are in and they are UNDERwhelming to say the least.

I am writing about this week's ratings because the oddsmakers from Kambi published a couple of markets last week which are specific to them.

The firm had a prop market in which customers could bet over or under the total number of viewers for the first hour. The line was set at 3.5 Million and the option to bet on 3,500,000 or more viewers was a 4/5 favourite over the 'Under 3.5 Million' at 9/10.

Showbuzzdaily.com - the website which publishes the data and is what Kambi is using as a source for settlement - has the first hour drawing 3,182,000 viewers.

Raw Ratings Betting - April 8th 2019

The second prop that was available over the weekend gave punters the opportunity to wager on the average total of viewers for all three hours of the show. The line was set at 3.0 Million with both the '3.0 Million or More' and 'Under 3.0 Million' selections at 17/20 pick 'ems. The odds for the 'Over' were cut to 7/10 and remained at this price right up until the market closed on Sunday night. 

The 'Under' selection was EVS before it was taken down. 

As mentioned, the first hour picked up 3,182,000 viewers. On top of that, the second hour drew 2,943,000 and the third had 2,646,000. Therefore, the average works out as 2,924,000 for the three hours.

Raw Ratings Betting - April 8th 2019

I backed the over 3.0 Million viewers, so I'm very surprised to see this number. As mentioned in Saturday's post, last year's show had 3,903,000 viewers so it's down 979,000.

As I stated at the top of the post - very underwhelming.

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