Saturday, 4 May 2019

5Dimes' MITB 2019 Prices Catch Up For May 4th

It has been a little under a week since I wrote about the 5Dimes Sportsbook's betting markets for WWE Money in the Bank 2019, so thought I'd do a catch up post as - even though I haven't written about them - I've still been following the prices.

Becky Lynch .vs. Lacey Evans
There is no change in the market for the WWE Raw Women's Championship. The titleholder, Lynch, is still a -475 favourite to successfully retain the strap. A decision for the challenger - Lacey Evans - will pay out at +325.

Becky Lynch .vs. Charlotte Flair
The challenger in the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship market was moved from +135 to +125 between Sunday and Monday night. While Charlotte Flair's price was snipped, Becky Lynch's role as fave went to -165 from -175.

Roman Reigns .vs. Elias
Roman Reigns was -245 to beat Elias (+175) when I first came across the market on Sunday night. However, by 11PM BST yesterday, Reigns was moved to -300 while Elias drifted to +220.

Seth Rollins .vs. AJ Styles
When I first wrote about the WWE Universal Championship match, Seth Rollins was a -430 to beat AJ Styles (+310). By 10PM BST on Monday evening, Rollins' price was down to -460. It has stalled ever since. A win for Styles was moved up to +320 following Rollins' price decrease.

Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Of the confirmed names entered for this year's ladder match, it's Drew McIntyre who appears to be the punters' and bookmakers' favourite. He was +280 on Sunday, fell to +220 by Tuesday morning (coinciding with him being announced as a participant) and was then moved down to +170 by Wednesday morning.
All of the other runners have had their prices snipped now that they're being advertised for the match with their prices adjusted at the same time.

  • Andrade is the second-favourite. He was +400 on Sunday, but was moved to +305 sometime between Thursday night and yesterday morning
  • Baron Corbin went from +1,750 to +1,250 between Thursday night and yesterday morning
  • Ali dropped also dropped from +1,750 to +1,250 between those times
  • Finn Balor was cut from +2,250 into +1,000 at the same time as the aforementioned selections
  • Randy Orton's number was moved from +2,250 into +1,750 in the period of note
Ricochet's price was also moved between Thursday and Friday. However, he was backed earlier as well. He was +2,750 on Sunday, was moved down to +2,200 by Wednesday morning and fell down to +1,700 between Thursday and Friday.

Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Mandy Rose's odds to win the women's ladder match have declined over the course of the near week. They were at +800 on Sunday evening, moved to +370 by yesterday morning and were at +300 by yesterday night.

The prices for the other participants have changed in the following fashion:
  • Ember Moon was taken to +325 from +600 between Thursday and Friday morning
  • Bayley was at +800 on Sunday, was cut to +550 by the following day and was then moved to +400 by yesterday morning
  • Alexa Bliss was at +1,300 but moved to +1,000 after she announced herself as being a participant during a segment on Raw. She was cut to +800 by yesterday
  • Naomi was +1,900 to start off with, but went down to +1,500 by 8AM BST on Wednesday
  • Natalya also fell between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning as she was at +2,300 but then lowered to +1,750
  • Carmella was +2,800 on Sunday, but was cut to +2,300 by yesterday morning
  • Dana Brooke dipped from +3,800 into +3,000 by 8AM on Wednesday and was lowered to +2,250 before I checked in yesterday morning
The latest prices were correct as of 11AM BST this morning. Check out 5Dimes' Betting Board for the most current pricing.

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