Sunday, 26 May 2019

Good/Ambrose/Moxley Prop Update Following AEW Double Or Nothing

After last night, I believe that - barring any unforeseen circumstances - the winning selection in Kambi's Jonathan Good / Dean Ambrose special will be settled on his next match to take place inside a ring other than WWE's.

Shortly after WWE announced that Good was leaving the company, Kambi published a prop market in which customers could place wagers on where Good's 'Promotion of Next Match' would be following the ending of his WWE contract at the end of April.

The options were to remain with WWE at 13/10 or 'Any Unlisted Promotion', which was a 13/25 favourite.

Following the initial money coming in on WWE (I was one of them!), the odds for Good to resume his career outside of World Wrestling Entertainment began to come in.

The now potential winning selection was last seen at 11/25 in early April.

Good, reprising his Jon Moxley persona, made an appearance at the conclusion of last night's AEW Double or Nothing PPV.

Following the closing angle, which saw him attack Chris Jericho, a referee and Kenny Omega, AEW announced that the wrestler had signed a multi-year contract with the company.

Moxley's wrestling debut for AEW has been announced for Fyter Fest on June 29th.

You can view how the wagering went in the table below.

Jonathan Good's Next Match Betting

This market was one of many specials that are published on a regular basis by the oddsmakers from Kambi. If available, you can view their latest WWE/Pro Wrestling prices below.

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