Friday, 7 June 2019

5Dimes' Super ShowDown Odds As Of 5PM BST

Here are the latest notes I've made from my visit to 5Dimes' WWE Super ShowDown markets.
  • No change in Triple H .vs. Randy Orton. Both selections are still -120 each
  • The Undertaker has now down to -230. He was -190 a couple of hours ago. Bill Goldberg has moved out to +170 from +150
  • Braun Strowman (-750) and Bobby Lashley (+450) are unchanged
  • Finn Balor .vs. Andrade is still showing Balor as a favourite with a price of -1,850. Andrade is +900
  • Roman Reigns was -350 at 3PM BST, but is now down to -390. Shane McMahon has moved up from +250 to +270
  • Kofi Kingston is still a -1,350 favourite to successfully retain the WWE Championship. A win for his challenger - Dolph Ziggler - will pay out at +650
  • The Universal Championship market has also stalled. Seth Rollins is -1,200 to Baron Corbin's +600
  • Lars Sullivan stays a -1,700 fave over The Lucha House Party (+800)
  • The Field versus Ali has now moved to -350 in the market for the 50-man battle royal. It was at -210 a couple of hours ago. I surmise the punters are opposing Ali because Mansoor has become the betting favourite over here in Europe. For what it's worth, with The Field moving in, 5Dimes has increased Ali from +160 to +210
Prices correct as of 5PM BST. The latest can be found on The 5Dimes Website

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