Thursday, 6 June 2019

Next Title To Change Hands Betting Update For June 6th (AM)

The WWE Championship and Universal Championship have both been snipped in Sky Bet's 'Next Title To Change Hands' betting market since yesterday's update.

When I last checked in, the second-favourite in the market which will pay out once a championship is lost and won had drifted out out from 3/1 to 7/2. It is now back to 3s.

The WWE Championship is third fave. It had moved from 9/2 to 11/2 between Tuesday morning and yesterday afternoon. It's now at 5/1.

As a result of the two premier titles moving in, the bookies have moved the favourite - 'Women's Tag Team Championship' - back to its earlier price of 11/4. It had lowered to 9/4 yesterday.

Next WWE Title To Change Hands - Version 5

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