Sunday, 23 June 2019

WWE To AEW Exodus Special From Kambi

Kambi is accepting bets on the next WWE star, or stars, to jump ship from WWE to AEW.

The market, which is titled 'The Exodus', consists of names currently contracted to WWE. The winning selection will be the wrestler/s who appear on an episode of AEW TV or a PPV event before the 1st of January 2022.

It's very similar to a market that MyBookie had on its website that I wrote about in this post on Thursday. However, Kambi's oddsmakers have - in my opinion - got the correct favourite.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are 9/10 to be the first of these names to move to the new company. I noted in Thursday's post that there have been reports that the the duo haven't reached a new deal to remain with the company and are looking to leave once their contracts are up later this year. It should be worth noting that Karl Anderson has denied these reports. 

MyBookie had them at the equivalent of 9/1 when its market was available. It was the main selection which stood out the most to me, so I wasn't surprised to see them at the top of Kambi's market.

The entire list can be found below. It includes talent like The Revival, Sasha Banks and Harper. Names that have been in the news when it comes to being apparently unhappy with their positions in WWE.

Kambi's AEW Special - The Exodus

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