Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Interesting Note About A KOTR Specials Market

Here's something interesting that I noticed while looking through some of Kambi's prop/specials markets for the King of the Ring this morning.

The 'Age of Winner' Over/Under special had two options when it was first created on August 16th. One was '34 Years or Less Wins' and the other covered an age of '35 Years or More'.

As you can see, the option to bet on the winner being thirty-four years old or younger was backed from 1/2 into 1/7 between August 16th and 22nd.

The market closed on Monday August 26th.

We now know that the scheduled final is Baron Corbin .vs. Chad Gable, so I thought I'd check the ages of the two wrestlers to see what could happen in regards to this market.

Gable turned thirty-three on March 8th, so he falls into the '34 Years or Less' category.

Baron Corbin is thirty-four.

For now.

Raw's representative was born on September 13th 1984 so, by the time Corbin meets Gable on Monday, he'll be competing for the '35 Years or More' category and has a chance of ensuring the selection wins as a closing 15/4 outsider.

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