Thursday, 12 September 2019

Note About Kambi's Remaining KOTR Market

In one of the posts I published yesterday, I wrote that Kambi had published a match market for the WWE King of the Ring final. This is partially not the case.

What I didn't pay attention to was the fact that the market was titled 'Tournament Winner'. Therefore, it's the outright winner market I have been following but with the two finalists left.

With that said, from today, I will continue to keep track of this market but will use a table with the prices with Baron Corbin and Chad Gable on them.

Here's the main table that I've been keeping track of from the first day it was published right up to 10AM BST today.

WWE King of the Ring 2019 Tournament Winner Betting

From now until Monday,  I'll record the adjustments in a table like you'll find below.

As you can see, the first sign of interest between yesterday afternoon and today has gone the way of Chad Gable as his price has declined from 9/4 into 8/5.

Baron Corbin
Chad Gable
11/9 1:00PM
12/9 10:00AM

With Gable's price moving in, Corbin's has moved up to 11/25 from 2/7.

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