Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Punk Mania 36 Special From Sky Bet

After showing up on WWE Backstage last night, a CM Punk special has been published by the oddsmakers from Sky Bet.

In the special, customers have the opportunity to wager on 'Who Will Be CM Punk's Opponent' at WrestleMania 36.

Triple H is currently a 5/1 favourite followed by WWE Champion - Brock Lesnar - and his Survivor Series opponent, Rey Mysterio who are 7/1 joint second-favourites.

The list continues all the way down to AEW World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Jericho, and WWE owner, Vince McMahon who are 100/1 apiece.

It's worth noting that Punk is reportedly working on WWE Backstage as a FOX employee rather than WWE.

With that said, a rule in the market states that 'Bets will be made void should he not have a match'.

As far as Punk's Royal Rumble odds have gone today - when I first heard the news, he was at 16/1 after dropping from 25/1 overnight. He was then down to 12/1 at lunchtime, 10/1 later in the evening and is now a 7/1 joint second-favourite along with Bray Wyatt.


  1. Took a punt at Seth Rollins 10/1 with what's happening on Twitter...

    Also made me think - Seth's "Burn It Down!" Works well with CM Punks old ring music "This Fire Burns"

    1. More on this-I genuinely think Punk will have a match, at some point. His biggest problem with WWE was being on the road and wrestling constantly, getting injuries that didnt get the required attention.

      One match, especially on a big payday like Wrestlemania, is likely tempting.

      Clearly hes atleast on a good path with WWE with this Fox deal anyway


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