Friday, 1 November 2019

Crown Jewel 2019 Observer Star Ratings O/U Results And A Rant

This week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, with Dave Meltzer's review of yesterday's WWE Crown Jewel 2019 PPV, was released earlier today. With the issue out, Kambi has settled all of the Observer star ratings betting markets that were available for the show.

In this first post, I'll cover the Over/Under results as I want to point out something that I noticed when looking at my bet history.

So, here are the results of all the markets that were created for the show.

WWE Crown Jewel 2019 - Observer Star Ratings O/U Results

I have placed a single asterisk next to the 'Under' result for the Tag Team World Cup because I am not completely sure how it was graded. The reason why is because Meltzer rated all the matches singly. Of the tag team turmoil 'match', the highest rating given was two-and-half stars and two bouts shared the spoils. They were for Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode's meetings with Lucha House Party and then Heavy Machinery.

Personally, I would settle it as a win for the 'Under' considering none of the bouts beat the line of 2.75, but can understand if they choose to void it.

With that said, I do not understand a decision to void another market from last night's show.

The double asterisk is next to the Void result for Tyson Fury's win over Braun Strowman which was given a DUD rating by the newsletter editor.

As you can see, the line for the match was set at one-and-a-half stars and the rating was DUD.

Before I begin this mini rant, I want to be clear and state that I did bet on this. I chose to bet the 'Over' after I saw the video of the Strowman/Fury angle from the Performance Center and figured they were there to plan out a match when the cameras weren't rolling.

So, here's what I have a problem with. I disagree that the bets should have been voided.

On the scale, I believe a DUD is a result in between the positive and negative stars. Therefore, the winning selection should have been the 'Under'.

DUD may not be a 'star', but it is absolutely a rating. And it's certainly below one-and-a-half stars. The only case where I think the void should come into play - and it has in the past - is when a match is given no rating. For a recent example, there was the Kevin Owens versus Dolph Ziggler match that only lasted a few seconds from this year's Extreme Rules.

A DUD is not an ungrading as the Ziggler/Owens example above highlights. As I said, it's a bad match, but it's not abysmal enough to land in the negative star range.

I know I lucked out by having my bet voided, but - if I were to look at it from an unbiased position - I believe anyone who has backed the match to fall below one-and-a-half stars have been let down here as the result should have been in their favour.

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  1. Fury vs Strowman did not disappoint. I was expecting to see one of the worst celebrity matches in WWE history and oh boy did it live up to that expectation.

    Strowman deserves better.


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