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Kambi's WrestleMania 36 Champions Specials Published

The oddsmakers from Kambi have published their annual WrestleMania markets in which customers can place wagers on who they believe will be holding WWE's major titles as the event goes off the air.

In this post, I'll share the prices for all five markets that have been created and give you my first impression of them.

NXT Champion At End of WrestleMania 36
Tommaso Ciampa 3/4
Finn Balor 5/2
Adam Cole 33/10
Johnny Gargano 33/10
Keith Lee 9/1
Kevin Owens 12/1
Velveteen Dream 15/1
Matt Riddle 20/1
Walter 20/1
Damian Priest 66/1

Tommaso Ciampa to be the NXT Champion by the time WrestleMania ends on April 5th makes sense to me. I've written in the 'Champion After Adam Cole' posts that Ciampa at the top of the market is understandable considering he has returned from serious injury and is in the midst of a feud with Cole and the Undisputed Era.

Raw Women's Champion At End Of WrestleMania 36
Becky Lynch 5/4
Ronda Rousey 13/5
Charlotte Flair 7/2
Shayna Baszler 7/2
Nia Jax 6/1
Asuka 8/1
Kairi Sane 8/1
Rhea Ripley 15/1
Bayley 25/1
Sasha Banks 25/1

The name that stood out to me in this market, which will pay out on who is the Raw Women's Champion at the conclusion of Mania, is Shayna Baszler at 7/2.

At this past Sunday's Survivor Series, we saw Baszler beat Becky Lynch and Bayley in a triple threat match featuring the company's female champions. Bayley took the fall and then, in the post-match, Lynch and Baszler had a brawl. That, to me, was a hint that Baszler versus Lynch is the match for Mania.

Smackdown Women's Champion At End Of WrestleMania 36
Sasha Banks 23/20
Shayna Baszler 33/20
Bayley 7/2
Charlotte Flair 6/1
Lacey Evans 8/1
Alexa Bliss 10/1
Becky Lynch 10/1
Nikki Cross 15/1
Ronda Rousey 15/1
Rhea Ripley 20/1

Seeing Sasha Banks as the favourite to be the Smackdown Women's Champion at the conclusion of Mania is another one that is understandable considering she's one of the top acts on the blue brand and the current champ - Bayley - is her friend (on and off screen).

Universal Champion At End Of WrestleMania 36
Roman Reigns 4/6
Bray Wyatt 33/20
Daniel Bryan 7/2
The Undertaker 13/2
John Cena 19/2
Braun Strowman 12/1
Brock Lesnar 12/1
CM Punk 15/1
Baron Corbin 66/1
Kofi Kingston 66/1

The Universal Champion market is another that I agree with as I guess we're going to get Roman Reigns versus Bray Wyatt for the title on April 5th.

WWE Champion At End Of WrestleMania 36
Cain Velasquez 5/4
Brock Lesnar 23/10
Roman Reigns 23/10
CM Punk 5/1
Bray Wyatt 7/1
John Cena 17/2
Kevin Owens 12/1
Daniel Bryan 15/1
Seth Rollins 20/1
The Undertaker 25/1

The WWE Champion at the conclusion of Mania market has one name that I like at decent odds and another name I like the chance of is a conspicuous absence.

To start, I like Kevin Owens at 12/1 because Brock Lesnar .vs. Kevin Owens has been a match that I have felt will be Mania's WWE Championship contest since as far back as July 11th when I placed a bet on Owens to win the Royal Rumble.

Seeing Keith Lee have a good outing at the Survivor Series - and getting the visual vote of confidence from Roman Reigns after the men's elimination match - made me consider that Lee had a chance of winning the Rumble with both he and Reigns the last two in January's battle royal to play on them both being the last guys at the Survivor Series. However, unlike the Survivor Series, Lee eliminates Reigns and then goes on to challenge Brock Lesnar.

I feel he is a name that should be on the list.

As for Cain Velasquez as the favourite - even though I understand why the bookmaker has put him there, my instinct tells me that Velasquez will not wrestle Brock Lesnar at Mania. I have a feeling that Velasquez could be involved in the Rey Mysterio/Dominick angles that should be going on if my prediction is correct and Rey wrestles his son in a match on April 5th.

I could go on with this idea I have for Velasquez to be a bodyguard for his 'Godson', but I've done enough fantasy booking in this post already!

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  1. I think you have the right idea with Keith Lee as a value play, but not for the WWE title. If they were going that way, I think the likely play would have been to eliminate both Rollins and Reigns this week. By not having him beat Reigns, I think it telegraphed that he had more to do in NXT, which is why I think him at 9/1 to be NXT champion in Tampa is nice value.


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