Monday, 4 November 2019

TV Ratings Prop Bets For Week Commencing November 4 2019

All of the things I wrote about in the post below is erroneous. I accidentally added the wrong screen capture to the post and was using that rather than my notes to write the post. I'll leave everything below as written, but have all the correct lines and prices for this week in THIS POST.


Kambi's oddsmakers have installed proposition markets for this week's professional wrestling TV shows.

You can see all of the specials listed in the image below, but I'll go through them in the order of their airing.

For tonight's WWE Raw, the bookies have set the line at 2.35 Million. Therefore, customers who believe the show will do that number or above will find the 'Yes' at 3/4 while those who think it'll go below a total average audience of 2.35 Million can back 'No' at 19/20.

The competition for WWE is the New York Giants versus Dallas Cowboys. Even though I don't think I'm going to bet, I reckon there's a chance that the 'No' could end up winning considering the huge markets and fanbases for both teams.

For NXT, the line is set at 765,000. Those thinking it'll do that number or higher can get 4/5 while those who doubt will find the 'No' at 9/10.

The bookies have the audience for AEW Dynamite at '1 Million or More', with the 'Yes' at EVS while the 'No' is 7/10. 

The Over/Under for Friday's WWE Smackdown on FOX is 2.65 Million. The price for it to get that figure or above is 11/10 while a bet on anything under can get 13/20.

Pro Wrestling TV Ratings Prop Bets - 4th November to 8th November

The two markets at the bottom of the list are spread props in which clients are asked whether they believe one show will beat another by a certain amount of viewers.

In the first, they're offering customers the option to bet on AEW Dynamite having 250,000 more viewers than the NXT show that'll be opposing it on Wednesday night in the States. Those who think the difference will be 250,000 or above can find the 'Yes' at 19/20 while the 'No' is 3/4.

The second spread proposition sees the return of the Smackdown .vs. Raw one which was a conspicuous absence last week due to Smackdown's FS1 rating being reported on Monday evening.

The line is also 250,000 with the 'Yes' - Smackdown will beat Raw by 250,000 viewers or higher - being offered at 17/20 while the 'No' - which will cover the difference being under 250,000 - is also 17/20.

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