Monday, 13 January 2020

Another Lesnar/Rumble Post

My near week-long contemplation of Brock Lesnar's Royal Rumble involvement, and how it could set up a future opponent, went in a completely different direction last night.

After writing THIS POST in which I noted there are reports that WWE is returning to Saudi Arabia for an event on February 20th and suggested that maybe Lesnar is in the Rumble to set up a challenger for that show rather than for WrestleMania, a thought struck me.

What If Mansoor Is Throwing Brock Out?

IF I am on the right track - and the Rumble is being used to set up Lesnar's opponent for Saudi Arabia  rather than Mania - then Mansoor being the person who eliminates The Beast from the battle royal would instantly place the Saudi Arabian as a contender more than it would WWE randomly announcing a Lesnar .vs. Mansoor title match for February.

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