Monday, 6 January 2020

Kambi's TV Props For Week Commencing 6/1/20

Here are the odds for Kambi's professional wrestling TV prop bets for this week.

6th January's WWE Monday Night Raw
The bookies have set the line for tonight's Raw at 2.65 Million. Those who think the show will do lower than that number can find the 'No' at 3/4 while those who believe 2,650,000 or more will tune in have the option of backing 'Yes' at 19/20.

There's another Raw-themed prop, but I'll cover that in the Smackdown section.

8th January's AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT on the USA Network
There are two proposition specials for Wednesday's head-to-head between AEW and NXT.

The first is a 'Conqueror of Wednesday' prop which asks 'AEW (TNT) to have more viewers than NXT (USA Network)?' The 'Yes' is 3/4 while the 'No' is 19/20.

Prop number two, for Wednesday night, asks the gambler whether AEW will have 100,000 more viewers than its opposition on the night. 
Those who think AEW will beat NXT by the 0.1 Million will see the 'Yes' at EVS. Those who believe the gap will not be that big - or if NXT wins the night - can find the 'No' a 7/10 favourite.

10th January's WWE Smackdown 
Just like with the Raw viewership prop, Kambi has set the line for Smackdown's audience at 2,650,000. Those who believe there will be that amount of viewers or higher will find the 'Yes' at 17/20. The 'No' is also 17/20.

With the lines for Raw and Smackdown both being set at 2.65 Million, Kambi has another prop in which clients can gamble whether or not Raw has a higher audience than Smackdown.

As of this evening, 'No' is a 4/5 favourite and the 'Yes' is 9/10.

* * *

This is the first time since before Christmas that Kambi has published its weekly TV prop bets. Despite no markets being available, I still kept track of the audience figures for the shows for reference.

Here's what I have:

23rd December 2019 WWE Raw
Hour 1: 1,955,000
Hour 2: 1,864,000
Hour 3: 1,686,000

Average: 1,686,000

Christmas Eve 2019 WWE Backstage

Christmas Day 2019 NXT Special

27th December 2019 WWE Smackdown
Hour 1: 2,540,000
Hour 2: 2,337,000

Average: 2,438,500

30th December 2019 WWE Raw
Hour 1: 2,525,000
Hour 2: 2,464,000
Hour 3: 2,328,000

Average: 2,439,000

New Year's Eve 2019 WWE Backstage

New Year's Day NXT (Not Live)

New Year's Day AEW Dynamite (Live)

3rd January 2020 WWE Smackdown
Hour 1: 2,467,000
Hour 2: 2,369,000

Average: 2,418,000

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