Friday, 14 February 2020

12/2/20 AEW Dynamite And WWE NXT Viewers released the TV viewership scores for Wednesday's WWE NXT and AEW Dynamite last night.

The winner of the night was once again AEW Dynamite. It had 817,000 viewers compared to the 757,000 that WWE NXT had.

Now that the results have been recorded, Kambi has settled a trio of proposition markets that were released for the night of wrestling.

For WWE NXT, the bookies asked the customers whether 775,000 people or higher would tune in for the first airing on the USA Network.

The result obviously means that 'No' will win. The selection was available at 7/10 when the market was initially published last weekend. However, on the day of the show, its price had been taken down to 4/6.

12th February 2020 Pro Wrestling TV Betting: WWE NXT

'No' was also the winning selection in Kambi's market for AEW Dynamite.

12th February 2020 Pro Wrestling TV Betting: AEW Dynamite

As you can see, the line was set at '0.925 Million or More'. The selection was backed from its opening 17/20 into 4/6 before the Tuesday evening and was then moved to 3/5 a day after that.

With there being a 60,000 difference in viewers between both shows, the 'No' will once again win in the third prop for the Wednesday night battle.

In this one, customers were asked whether AEW's flagship show would beat its head-to-head competitor by 150,000 or more viewers.

The winning selection was 9/10 from Sunday right up to the day of the programmes.

12th February 2020 Pro Wrestling TV Betting: AEW Dynamite .vs. WWE NXT

A market for tonight's WWE Smackdown on FOX is still available as of this morning.

In it, customers have been wagering on the prospect of the show collecting 2.5 Million or more viewers. As you'll see in the table, the odds for 'No' have been moving in.

14th February 2020 WWE Smackdown TV Viewership Prop Market

I wrote - in this post from over the weekend - that I've backed  'No' because I've made a guess that, with it being Valentine's Day, the audience might be lower than the Kambi's estimate.

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