Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Super ShowDown 2020 And Mania 36 Odds Notes For 5/2

Here are a few WWE Super ShowDown 2020 and WrestleMania 36 odds notes for today.

- Sky Bet has released a market for the Brock Lesnar versus Ricochet match. I first came across the odds this morning. Lesnar was a 1/10 favourite and his challenger was 11/2. They're still at these respective prices as of 4:30PM GMT.

- William Hill has installed two markets for the show. In the first, Lesnar is a 1/20 favourite while Ricochet is 8/1. There's a WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship market with The New Day 6/5 outsiders against The Miz and John Morrison (1/2)

- William Hill created a market for the Brock Lesnar versus Drew McIntyre WWE Championship match that's set for WrestleMania. I missed their initial release on Sunday afternoon, but Lesnar is 6/4 and his challenger is a 1/2 favourite


  1. Reigns vs Goldberg for Universal title at WM36? Spear vs Spear?

    That's assuming Goldberg faces Fiend at Super shown down for the title

    1. It is for the title.

      My anti-Fiend bias has cooled a bit now that they've done a match of his without the red lights, but - if I were to be honest - I'd take Goldberg versus Reigns over Wyatt versus Reigns at Mania.

      Can't see it happening, though!


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