Thursday, 23 July 2020

22/7/20 AEW And WWE NXT TV Prop Bet Results

AEW Dynamite won the viewership battle against WWE NXT last night with an audience of 845,000 while its competition had a total average of 615,000.

This is according to - the website that Kambi uses to grade its professional wrestling television prop bets.

Now that the results are in, Kambi will settle a handful of proposition markets that were created for last night's head-to-head.

The prop for the AEW Dynamite audience asked customers whether a total average of at least 720,000 people would tune in. 

As you'll see below, the eventual winner - 'Yes' - started out at 9/10. However, by Tuesday morning, the selection had lowered into 17/20 while the 'No' was pushed out from 4/5 favourite to 17/20.

22/7/20 AEW .vs. NXT TV Prop Bets

Kambi's WWE NXT market asked whether the total would do better or worse than at least 625,000.

It did slightly worse.

'No' will win by 10,000 viewers. As you can see below, the selection was 27/25 on Sunday, but drifted out to 5/4 by yesterday afternoon due to the price for 'Yes' being lowered from 4/6 into 11/20.

22/7/20 AEW .vs. NXT TV Prop Bets

Another prop market that will now be settled asked customers whether or not the combined number of viewers - for both shows - would be recorded at 1.35 Million or more. 

Both 'Yes' and 'No' started out at 17/20 apiece. However, when I checked in on Tuesday morning, I noticed that the eventual winning selection had lowered to 4/5 while the 'No' had risen to 9/10.

22/7/20 AEW .vs. NXT TV Prop Bets

AEW Dynamite had 230,000 more viewers than WWE NXT. Therefore, a market which asked customers whether AEW would beat NXT by 75,000 or more will be settled with 'Yes' winning as a 3/4 favourite. 

22/7/20 AEW .vs. NXT TV Prop Bets

A new proposition market that was published for last night asked customers whether AEW Dynamite would be ranked at least twenty spots above WWE NXT in the P18-49 ratings ranking. 

AEW had a 0.32 rating and was fifth for the night. WWE NXT, on the other hand, had 0.17 and was placed thirty-fifth for the night. This obviously means that any bets on 'Yes' will be graded as winners. The selection was EVS, but was down to 9/10 within two days. 

22/7/20 AEW .vs. NXT TV Prop Bets

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