Tuesday, 21 July 2020

A Look At Kambi's New Wednesday Night War TV Props

A couple of new proposition betting markets, specific to the television ratings of this week's AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT, were published over the weekend.

The first is titled 'Demo God Conquered'. It asks customers whether or not it'll be reported that a segment featuring Chris Jericho, on tomorrow night's AEW Dynamite, is 'reported as having been beaten in the applicable P18-49 head-to-head by NXT'. 

As you'll see below, the bookies started out by offering 'Yes' at 4/1 and 'No' at 1/8. The latter was cut into 1/10 by 2:30PM BST yesterday afternoon and was down to 1/14 when I checked in this morning.

With 'No' lowering, those who would like to take a gamble on the 'Yes' can now find it out at 11/2. This is up from the initial 4/1.

Demo God Prop Bet

The head-to-heads are broken down in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and this is what the oddsmakers will use as a source for settlement. Therefore, the market will be graded shortly after the Observer is published later this week. 

Another 18-49 demographic market asks customers whether AEW's programme will be 'ranked 20 or more places better than NXT (USA Network) in cable telecasts for the day in the demo' 

'Yes' has slipped into 9/10 from EVS while the 'No' is now available at 4/5 - up from 7/10.

AEW .vs. NXT TV Ratings Spread Prop Bet

For what it's worth, last week saw AEW Dynamite get a 0.29 rating to NXT's 0.14. AEW was fifth overall and its competition was 49th. 

This market will be settled following the release of the viewership numbers on Thursday.

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