Tuesday 3 November 2015

Bwin Republishes Its Survivor Series (2015) Market

The bwin Sportsbook has republished its WWE Survivor Series betting market.

As of the time of posting, the prices for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match has Seth Rollins favoured at 57/100 while his challenger - Roman Reigns - is 5/4.

These are the same odds that were available a day after the market was initially installed last Wednesday. Back then, Rollins was priced 1/2 and Reigns was 7/5.

The customers have evidently chosen Reigns in the early round of betting.

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The sportsbook occasionally takes the market down. So, when it is available, you'll be able to find it under 'Entertainment' on the bwin website.


  1. Personally I think it's too early in the feud to put it straight in Reigns. They'll have him win by DQ so he gets a rematch and he'll probably end up winning it at the Rumble.
    Then again, if the crowd take to Reigns at Survivor Series they could put it on him so he's guaranteed a good reaction - would be a bit late notice though haha!!

    1. I'd rather they pull the trigger at Survivor Series but a Dean Ambrose double-cross shouldn't be disregarded.

  2. Yeah, it feels too early.

    Let's try to predict the WM card and see where they're going with this. I'll assume that the main card will again have 9 matches and that Meltzer is correct in saying that Rock doesn't want to risk his health by working with Brock. We've also heard rumors of Vince having the top matches for WM32 decided already, which leads me to believe that he'll again go with rematches and legends squaring it off.

    Triple threat for the WHC:
    Rollins (c) vs Reigns vs Lesnar
    Reigns and Lesnar will be involved in some sort of controversial finish at the RR, forcing Triple H to set up this match. The final seed for Rollins vs Triple H is planted.

    Legend vs Franchise:
    Undertaker vs Cena
    With Reigns taking over Cena's ambassadorial duties, Cena can afford to heel a bit here and give us some new material. We can only hope.

    Rock vs Triple H
    This match will probably have a whacky stipulation.

    Wyatt vs Sting
    It's time Wyatt got a WM win, so I'm not sure Sting is the right opponent. Balor or Del Rio could substitute.

    IC title:
    Bryan vs Owens (c)
    The man who had to relinquish the title vs the man who's held the title for over 6 months and is becoming a fan favorite. The "Yes!" movement vs "Fight Owens Fight"!

    Freebird rules for the WTTC:
    New Day vs Harper, Strowman, Rowan (c)
    Big E and Strowman should be given singles pushes by this point, but I don't see them risking experiments like this going into the biggest show of the year.

    Divas Championship:
    Charlotte (c) vs Bayley
    I don't follow female wrestling too close, but I understand they are high on Bayley.

    US open challenge:
    Rusev or Del Rio (c) vs mystery opponent
    A hush falls over the 100K crowd before a familiar tune hits the speakers. Out comes... The Patriot! (or Kurt Angle... whoever is healthy enough to work 5 minutes)

    Andre the Giant 30-man memorial battle royal:
    For everything they put him through... please give Mark Henry one final hurrah on his night of retirement.


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