Sunday 19 June 2016

5Dimes' MITB 2016 Odds As Of 9pm BST

Here are the 5Dimes Sportsbook's WWE Money in the Bank 2016 odds as of 9pm BST. I will also add some notes indicating where people have been wagering since 5pm this evening.

Roman Reigns +280
Seth Rollins -400

The big news here is that Seth Rollins' odds have plummeted from +700.

Kevin Owens +925
Dean Ambrose -1500
Chris Jericho +5000
Cesaro +10000
Sami Zayn +12500
Alberto Del Rio +12500

No change since 5pm.

John Cena +700
AJ Styles -1500

Just like with the Money in the Bank ladder match market, there hasn't been anything worth noting here since 5pm.

New Day -1200
Anderson/Gallows +750
Enzo/Cass +2500
The Vaudevillains +15000

No change here.

Rusev -750
Titus O'Neil +450

Guess what? No change.

Charlotte and Dana Brooke -620
Natalya and Becky Lynch +410

No change here as well.

Dolph Ziggler +390
Baron Corbin -590

I noted that Ziggler's odds had fallen from +340 to +150 between 5pm and 6:30pm, but they have evidently drifted back out. Corbin has gone from -510 to -190 to -590 in this time.

Apollo Crews -780
Sheamus +460

No change.

Lucha Dragons +450
Dudleys -750

The Dudleys have been backed from -420 while the Lucha Dragons' number has increased from +300.

Golden Truth -720
Breeze/Fandango +440

Goldust and R-Truth have been backed from -490. Their opponents moved out from +330.

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  1. This is gonna be a long night mates but I think I ve made my best .get Your cofee ready ,lot of money on the line ,fingers crossed for everyone


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