Saturday, 11 February 2017

5Dimes' Saturday Afternoon Price Moves In Elimination Chamber Betting

In the most recent post, I noted that Becky Lynch had become a favourite to win her match against Mickie James at tomorrow night's Elimination Chamber PPV.

There other moves that have been made this afternoon are:

Natalya's price to win against Nikki Bella has dropped from +210 to +150. Her opponent has been upgraded from -290 to -190. It's interesting here in that, of the three matches, all of the favourites are babyfaces.

Naomi has moved in from -185 to -300 in the Smackdown Women's Championship market.

Bray Wyatt's price has shortened from -960 to -4500.

American Alpha has moved in from -2045 to -4500.

Apollo Crews and Kalisto have been backed from -280 to -600.

Randy Orton has moved back into -4500. 

Odds correct as of 1:55pm GMT and taken from


  1. Winners are looking like:

    American Alpha
    Becky Lynch
    Kalisto & Apollo

    Odds could still change but personally the way the underdogs are becoming heavier favourites is making me think these will be the winners

    1. Natalya's odds moving is surprising to me. If Nikki and John Cena are facing Miz and Maryse at Mania, you'd think the Nikki/Natalya feud would end here.
      They did that angle on Talking Smack which could set up an explanation for Nikki, though.

    2. That would be three female babyfaces winning as I noted.

    3. Yeah true. Their feud will certainly end soon but there is a lot of smackdown air time between now and wrestlemania. So plenty of time for it to end and the story line for cena and nikki vs miz and mayrse to begin

      I also think Natalya needs a win here personally or atleast could benefit more then Nikki

    4. Also - Mayrse could interfere in this match and cause Natalya to win. This could make Cena focus his attention on The Miz too much in the chamber after and get eliminated etc.

      Miz could taunt cena in the chamber match about it etc

  2. If both Becky and Naomi are winning I think it will be by DQ with Mickie interfering during Naomi's match and Alexa interfering during Becky's match. Why the hell would they put the belt on Naomi if the clear story is Becky's revenge on Mickie and Alexa with a pay off of Becky winning the title she was robbed of?


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