Friday, 14 April 2017

Road To WrestleMania 34 : World And Universal Championships Special

Another Road to WrestleMania 34 market that was published by the Kambi oddsmakers (check out this list) earlier today is a special where customers can wager on an individual winning either the WWE World or WWE Universal Championships at any point between the bet being struck and the end of WrestleMania 34 next April.

Here are the odds as of the time of writing:

Image taken from LeoVegas's WWE Page (Click to expand)

The rules of the bet are as follows:

For bet to be settled as YES, the listed individual must win a title match. Awarded titles do not count. All bets stand irrespective of whether the listed individual will be involved in a match valid for the specified title(s) during the timeframe. Bets will remain valid in case of eventual changes to character names, date and/or location given that an event with the same characteristics is held within the listed year.

So, this isn't a 'who will win the title first' kind of wager. As long as the peron - or persons - you've bet on wins either of the two premier titles at any point between the time you place your wager and the close of next year's Mania, your bet will be graded a winner.

I had a look through a similar market that was published WrestleMania 33 before writing this post.. 

There were eight name available in early September. Five of them ended up winning championships between that point and WrestleMania.

Punters who took Finn Balor 7/4, Roman Reigns 1/2 and Seth Rollins also at 1/2 would have had losing bets.

The winning selections were: AJ Styles 1/20, Bray Wyatt 6/4, Brock Lesnar 2/1, John Cena 17/20 and Randy Orton 6/4.

It'll be interesting to see just how many of the names on this year's list will claim a title win between today and April 8th 2018.

Odds correct as of April 14th 2017. View leoVegas' WWE Betting Page.

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