Thursday, 12 October 2017

The Rock .vs. Tyrese Gibson Odds Published

If you've been keeping up with Hollywood news, you might have read - below all the stories about Harvey Weinstein - something about certain cast-members of the Fast and Furious movies being mad at Dwayne Johnson for causing the delay of Fast 9.

There's a reason why I'm writing about this story. Bear with me.

Tyrese Gibson, who co-starred with Johnson in the most recent films of the Fast franchise, announced during a TMZ interview yesterday that he thought that Johnson was 'selfish' and was all about 'furthering his own self-interests'.

Tyrese Gibson Calls The Rock Selfish On TMZ
Tyrese Gibson interview that appeared on

With the story getting out there, the oddsmakers from Paddy Power have published betting markets where customers can bet on Gibson and Johnson squaring off.

There are four markets available.

Market one asks 'Which Sport Will The Rock Fight Tyrese Gibson In?' There are three selections. They are: WWE Wrestling 4/1 (+400), Boxing 10/1 (+1,000) and MMA 20/1 (+2,000).

The remaining three markets ask the customer which actor will win out of any meetings that take place within these disciplines.

In Boxing, The Rock is a 1/12 (-1,200) favourite while Gibson is 6/1 (+600).

The MMA market has Gibson as an 8/1 (+800) outsider. Johnson is 1/25 (-2,500).

The WWE wrestling odds are 1/7 (-700) in favour of The Rock while Gibson is out at 4/1 (+400).

The most important rule - in all of these market - is that bets will be void 'if fight doesn't take before 2019.' I indicate how important this rule is because there's zero chance of any of these matches happening.

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