Friday, 19 January 2018

Something To Think About Regarding Daniel Bryan And His Rumble Odds

If Daniel Bryan is winning the 2018 WWE Royal Rumble, there isn't any hint out there to suggest that it's going to lead to a WrestleMania match.

Well, from a betting perspective that is.

The oddsmakers from Kambi republished two Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) specials yesterday. The two markets have been priced up giving customers the opportunity to bet on the timeframe when - or if - Bryan steps back into a wrestling ring to compete and the promotion that books this return. You can read about their initial release in this post.

It's impossible to read anything into Bryan potentially winning the Rumble for these two markets because - per the terms - a return match has to be advertised at least twenty-four hours ahead of schedule. If, and it still is an if, Bryan is winning the Royal Rumble on January 28th, it would likely be done as a surprise.

As noted above, the two markets aren't giving any indication that Bryan is going on from the Rumble to WrestleMania 34.

Time Frame Of Daniel Bryan's Return To A Wrestling Ring
Time of Daniel Bryan's Next Match (Click Image To Expand)

I first wrote about Bryan's Rumble betting odds lowering in a post published on Sunday evening. They have since dropped further. This is mainly due to news sites picking up on this decline and punters reacting.

The reason why I bring up Sunday's post is because the timeframe market - which was still available when Bryan's Rumble odds began to fall and for the day after that - didn't see any evident action.

The odds for Bryan to make his return 'Before/During WrestleMania 34' have not been adjusted from EVENS between his Rumble outright market descent and the republication of the market yesterday. In fact, the only change that has been made has been on the selection which covers 'September 28th 2018 to Before WrestleMania 35'. This has dipped slightly moving  from 2/5 into 7/20.

There has been no negative adjustments made to the market where customers can predict the company that hosts Bryan's/Danielson's return (remember, it has to be promoted twenty-four hours ahead of it taking place).

Promotion That Hosts Daniel Bryan's Wrestling Return
Promotion That Hosts Bryan Danielson's Return (Click image to expand)

The odds for Bryan's match to take place inside a WWE ring remain at the same 3/5 they were when the Rumble outright price fell over the weekend.

Comparing the Royal Rumble outright winner decline to these specials makes it difficult for me to believe that Bryan is winning the battle royal. I am sure the firms would have taken enough wagers to justify changing up the 'Before/During WrestleMania 34' and 'WWE' in the two markets if Bryan is winning the Rumble and then progressing to do something at WrestleMania.

It would be a tease to have him win the Rumble and then not compete after that, right?


  1. Makes me wonder if someone has caught wind that Daniel Bryan is actually in the rumble so they are just assuming he will win - but anything could happen, Shane McMahon could appear out of nowhere and cost him (to set up a match between the two, allowing Daniel Bryan to go into it as a big babyface) etc.

    Who knows.

    1. If he's in the Rumble, he would have to win it IMO.

      Don't forget, he can't take bumps if he isn't cleared.

  2. In my opinion, its stupid to have Bryan win Royal Rumble and doesn't have a singles match at WrestleMania

    But then again, if you are putting Daniel Bryan in royal rumble, then there is no way he's losing it, that too in Philadelphia the same city that booed heavily Because Bryan was eliminated

    I definitely think Bryan will have a match at WrestleMania in the same city that he main evented 4 years ago. But I am not sure about royal rumble

    What do you think David, this Rumble is really unpredictable. People still don't know who the winner is

    1. With hindsight, it was a tough call last year. We knew it was likely going to be Randy Orton a few days beforehand.

  3. The whole thing is so odd. I keep coming back to Shinsuke Nakamura, but Nationwide Arena has an ad out explicitly advertising the 5-way for Fastlane, which would seem to rule him out. It still seems likely that the Rumble winner is AJ Styles' challenger, but there's no way Dolph Ziggler is winning the Rumble and there isn't anyone else on SmackDown Live that could plausibly win. John Cena seems locked in with Undertaker.

    This all leads to...Daniel Bryan, right? But I agree with David that something else would have shifted if this were real inside money. Fascinating!

    1. Todd Williams I wouldn't Completely rule out ziggler. I know it's tough to take Ziggler seriously as main event guy but he actually has good chances to win based on his US title angle and rumored Fastlane main event

    2. I think it's far more likely Ziggler comes back for the US title, since he hates Roode. I know Ziggler got the WWE title shot at SummerSlam a couple years back, but that was a stopgap while they waited for AJ to go over Cena. I suppose this could be a stopgap while they wait for fresh blood to come over from Raw, but it's such a mind-bogglingly bad idea that I'm not quite ready to consider it.


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