Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Joe Down To -110 In HIAC 2018 Betting

Samoa Joe's odds to win the WWE Championship match at next week's Hell in a Cell 2018 PPV have fallen into -110 today.

When I checked in with the 5Dimes Sportsbook's prices for the match this morning, I noted that the challenger had dipped from +120 into +110.

AJ Styles remains a favourite, but is slightly shorter than Joe at -130. He was -150 at 9AM BST.

AJ Styles
Samoa Joe
28/8 11:00AM
29/8 8:00PM
30/8 9:30PM
31/8 10:00AM
5/9 9:00AM

The rest of the sportsbook's markets for the PPV are showing the same prices as previous updates. They are:

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella -395
Miz and Maryse +275

Roman Reigns -210
Braun Strowman +160

Ronda Rousey -650
Alexa Bliss +420

Jeff Hardy +140
Randy Orton -180

Prices correct as of 11PM BST. The latest can be found on The 5Dimes Website.


  1. Expect Joe to be a big favourite due to the Show Down match advertisement. I'm sticking with AJ though.

    Interesting that Joe is on the drift in the WWE Champion after AJ Styles market on skybet. Yet he's shortening up on the HIAC market.

    1. I think Joe will win the title with Wendy's help. I think she'll be ringside, AJ will hold Joe for her so she can hit him, Joe will move out of the way & Wendy hits AJ by mistake. This leads to Joe winning the title. While he stands over AJ with the title, he yells "Oh Wendyyyyy, Daddy's coming home". This will happen at HIAC or SD 1000, in my opinion

  2. People are now going to lump on Becky Lynch but it's another trap imo.


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