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How Kambi's WWE Fast Lane 2019 Observer Head-to-Head And Prop Markets Were Settled

On Thursday, I published a couple of posts concerning how the oddsmakers from Kambi settled a number of their Wrestling Observer Newsletter star ratings specials for last weekend's WWE Fast Lane 2019. I am now finishing off this series by covering other star ratings markets that were available to customers before the PPV.

Kambi regularly publishes star rating head-to-head markets on the weekend of WWE PPVs. In these markets, the oddsmakers put two matches up and customers have to bet on the bout they believe - out of the two -  will receive the most stars in Dave Meltzer's review of the event. Two markets were released for Fast Lane.

WWE Championship .vs. Raw Tag Team Championship
The bookies were forced to void the head-to-head for the WWE Championship match versus the one for the Raw Tag Team Championship after Mustafa Ali was added to the meeting between Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens.

Per the rules 'Only ratings given to matches with participants as advertised at the time of bet placement (regardless of any eventual changes to match stipulations) will be taken into consideration for settlement purposes'.

For what it's worth, the customers had sided with the tag match to outdo Bryan and Owens as the 'Raw Tag Team Championship' selection was snipped from 23/20 into 9/10 between Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. The 'WWE Championship' had moved to 11/10 from EVS and the selection that covers a tie rose to 2/1 from 17/10.

Becky Lynch/Charlotte Flair .vs. The Shield/Corbin, McIntyre, Lashley
The second head-to-head was not affected by the card changes. It had Becky Lynch .vs. Charlotte Flair up against what turned out to be the main event.

It also turned out to be the match of the night.

The Shield .vs. Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley was awarded four-and-a-half stars. This was two-and-a-half more than its opposing match received in Meltzer's review.

The winning selection was backed from 4/6 into 1/2 between Saturday and Sunday. There was also a sign that the 'Same Star Rating' selection may have been backed as it was adjusted from 2/1 into 9/5.

Fast Lane 2019 Betting - Observer - Lynch/Flair .vs. Shield/Corbin, McIntyre, Lashley

A handful of proposition markets were installed over the weekend. They were titled things like 'Brand Dominance', 'Curtain-Raiser' or 'Joint-Winners'. I've put an image of all of the titles and odds below. Then, underneath that, I'll explain the rules and see how the odds changed for each prop.

Kambi's Wrestling Observer Star Rating Prop Bets For WWE Fast Lane 2019

Lowest Rated
Even though it wasn't in the same section as the other props, the bookies were taking bets on the WWE Smackdown Championship match receiving the lowest amount of stars in Dave Meltzer's review of the event. The rules stated that the bets stood 'regardless of any changes in the card(s) and/or match stipulations' so I would guess that the dud in the unannounced Kofi Kingston .vs. The Bar match meant that it was not the lowest rated match on the night as Asuka .vs. Mandy Rose earned one-and-a-quarter stars. Therefore, the 'No' won at odds of 11/10.

Brand Dominance
The prop bet titled 'Brand Dominance' asked  'Any Raw match (including Becky Lynch .vs. Charlotte Flair and Women's Tag) to be solely awarded the highest Star rating (including pre-show but excluding joint winners and matches not advertised before the start of the event).

As we now know, The Shield .vs. Corbin. Lashley and McIntyre was the winning match of the night with four-and-a-half stars, Therefore, those who backed 'Yes' were left holding winning betting slips.  The selection fell from 5/4 into 11/10 between Saturday and Sunday morning. However, by 9:55AM GMT on Sunday, the bookies adjusted the market once again and were offering it at a slightly better 23/20 after the 'No' was moved into 8/13 from 13/20.

Curtain Raiser
Curtain Raiser's rule was for the 'First match to start on the main card to be awarded the highest star rating (including joint winners and pre-show but excluding matches on advertised before the start of the event).

As you'll see, I've put asterisks next to the opening odds. I guessed that there was a palpable error as the 'No' being offered as a 6/5 outsider seemed far too generous. The market was taken off the board shortly afterwards. When I checked back in later that night, I noticed it had been republished and the 'No' was at a more understandable 4/6.

The opening match was The Usos .vs. Shane McMahon and The Miz. It earned three-and-a-quarter stars, so was short of beating the main event's number.

The market titled 'Joint-Winners' was for '2 or more matches to be awarded the highest star rating (including the pre-show)'.

'No' was backed from 11/20 into 13/25 by Saturday morning and - as you've figured - this was the winning selection as the main event was a sole winner.

Main Event
The 'Main Event' prop was for the 'Last match to start to be awarded the highest star rating (including joint-winners and pre-show but excluding matches not advertised before the start of the event)'.

This was obviously settled in favour of 'Yes' . Customers would have found it at 9/5 on Saturday and then at a slightly higher 2/1 on Sunday because the punters evidently thought 'No' was the call.

Title Match
In the 'Title Match' prop, customers were wagering that 'A match valid for any Championship to be awarded the highest star rating (including joint-winners and pre-show but excluding matches not advertised before the start of the event).

The trios match was not for a title, so the correct play would have been to take the 'No'. It had moved out from 13/10 into 8/5 as the punters backed 'Yes'.

The rule of the prop market titled 'Women' was for 'Any match featuring only women as active participants to be awarded the highest star rating (including joint winners and pre-show but excluding matches not advertised before the start of the event)'.

Kambi started off with the 'No' at an unsurprisingly short 1/6, but it was cut to 1/7 the following morning.

Two of the matches featuring ladies received one-and-a-quarter stars each while the other - Becky Lynch .vs. Charlotte Flair - was given two. The favourite obviously won.

This is the final part of my look back at the Observer specials for WWE Fast Lane 2019. You can view links to the other two parts below:

Kambi has already published markets for WrestleMania 35, so you can read about those markets by following this thread of posts that are labelled Observer Betting here at  You can check the latest Observer markets by checking in with the website listed below.

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