Friday, 7 June 2019

5Dimes' Super ShowDown Odds For Friday Morning

I visited the 5Dimes Sportsbook's WWE Super ShowDown page this morning and compared the current odds to the previous prices. Here's what I've found.

Triple H .vs. Randy Orton
Randy Orton was at -125 and Triple H at -115 at 7:30AM BST yesterday. As of this morning, Orton is now down to -140 while Hunter is up to +100.

Goldberg .vs. The Undertaker
When I checked in yesterday evening, I noticed The Undertaker had dropped from the -165 he was in the morning, to -170. He has now declined to -260.
As a result, Bill Goldberg's underdog price has moved out from +125 to +180 since yesterday morning with a stop at +130 in the evening.

Braun Strowman .vs. Bobby Lashley
This market remains where it was when I first came across it. Braun Strowman is a -750 fave over Bobby Lashley who's +450.

Finn Balor .vs. Andrade
When I last looked, Finn Balor was still a -1,700 favourite to successfully retain the Intercontinental Championship against Andrade. He is now down to -1,850 while the challenger has moved up from +800 to +900.

Roman Reigns .vs. Shane McMahon
Roman Reigns fell from -350 to -420 between yesterday morning and the evening. He is now down to -430. Shane McMahon went out to +300 from +250 yesterday and is now up to +310.

Kofi Kingston .vs. Dolph Ziggler
As noted in yesterday evening's post, Dolph Ziggler dipped from +700 to +650 sometime during the day. Due to this, the bookie's moved Kofi Kingston up from -1,500 to -1,350. 
The market appears to have stayed at these prices since.

Lars Sullivan .vs. Lucha House Party
The three-on-one market is still unchanged from yesterday morning. Lars Sullivan is -1,700 while his opposition are +800.

50-Man Battle Royal
Of the few names that 5Dimes has in its battle royal market, Ali is the person with the shortest odds. He was +165 yesterday morning and is now at +145. A win for 'The Field' versus Ali is now at -185 which is up from the earlier -215.
For what it's worth, I have now convinced myself that the winner will be Mansoor. I first started entertaining the idea of him winning earlier this week. Since then, I have seen him doing PR work for WWE to promote tonight's show and - as he is being billed as 'WWE's first Saudi superstar' (or something to that effect) - I truly think it's his battle royal to lose.

Prices correct as of the time of writing. The latest can be found on The 5Dimes Website.

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