Saturday, 6 July 2019

5Dimes' Extreme Rules 2019 Odds As Of July 6th (AM)

It has been over a week since I last wrote about the 5Dimes Sportsbook's WWE Extreme Rules 2019 markets, so thought I'd publish an update of sorts.

There have only been adjustments made to two markets in that time. The first occurred on Thursday as Drew Gulak's price to successfully retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship dropped.

Drew Gulak
Tony Nese
28/6 5:20PM
4/7 10:00PM
6/7 11:30AM

The champ was cut from -260 into -280.

As a result, his challenger - and former titleholder - Tony Nese, has been moved to +200 from +180.

The second adjustment was made before 10:30PM BST last night.

Reigns and Undertaker
McIntyre and McMahon
28/6 5:20PM
29/6 9:00AM
5/7 10:30PM
6/7 11:30AM

As you can see, Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon have now been taken down to +175 to win the tag team match against Roman Reigns and The Undertaker. In last Saturday's post, I pointed out that the heels had dipped from +300 into +230.

With McIntyre and McMahon now at +175, the oddsmakers have moved their opponents to -245. This is up from the previous -310 and further on than the -420 from when the market was initially published.

The remaining markets are still unchanged from June 28th.They are:

Kofi Kingston -600
Samoa Joe +400

Bayley -600
Alexa Bliss +400

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch -410
Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans +290

All prices correct as of 11:30AM BST today. The latest odds can be found on 5Dimes' Betting Board


  1. Abraham Jones left this but there was an error when I tried to publish it:

    Hey David, Rey Mysterio is returning this monday. Do you think he will be added to the Extreme Rules card or do you think club will destroy Rey on Raw

    I am expecting his next feud with AJ

    1. I'm guessing he'll be back for Extreme Rules otherwise there's little point advertising him for the Go-Home show.

      Looks more like a tag match at the PPV to me.

    2. Also they just announced Nakamura vs Balor for IC title on Smackdown this Tuesday

      What do you think about this match happening right before PPV?

    3. I don't really have much thought on it, tbh.

  2. Sorry it's a non title match. That means Shinsuke will mostly win and rematch at Extreme Rules for the title


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