Monday, 2 September 2019

My KOTR Bracket 2.0

On August 19th, I published a post with my King of the Ring bracket ahead of the first round of tournament matches. It turned out to be wrong after my pick  - Drew McIntyre - lost in last week's match against Ricochet.

So, with all of the quarter final matches set up for this week, I've decided to give it another go and do a second version.

As you can see below, and as I've written since McIntyre officially left the tournament, my new pick to be crowned king is Smackdown's Andrade.

I have him winning tomorrow's match with Chad Gable and then meeting Ali in next week's semi-final. This obviously means I have Elias falling to the aforementioned Ali.

The Raw side was quite difficult to pick as I was going back-and-forth on Ricochet and Cedric Alexander making it to the final. 

I had a Ricochet .vs. Baron Corbin semi-final, and - to be fair - I would not be surprised if that actually happens. However, I thought that it was far too obvious with the babyface .vs. heel thing that I decided to go with Ricochet .vs. Alexander to be Raw's semi-final. 

To be fair, they're the semi-finals I would rather see take place from Madison Square Garden next week and maybe that's why I have locked these predictions in.

King of the Ring 2019 Bracket 2.0

As for betting - I haven't really placed much on my new predicted winner of Andrade. This is mainly because I was too focused on McIntyre from the start and I missed out on decent odds.

 I have placed a tournament side bet, though.

Kambi's King of the Ring 2019 Head-to-Head Market: Ricochet .vs. Ali

Seeing as I have Ricochet going to the finals, and Andrade passing through Ali in the semis, I placed a small wager on Ricochet in the 'Best Finishing Position' market from Kambi. He's paired off against Ali in this head-to-head.

I have an out as well. 

All bets will be void should both wrestlers leave the tournament at the same stage. This would work out for me if the final turns out to be Andrade .vs. Cedric Alexander, which is the final that I was close to having in this version of my predicted bracket.

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