Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Update About Prop Market For Tonight's TV Rating

As WWE Monday Night Raw is about to start, I thought I'd publish an update about a TV ratings prop bet that I wrote about yesterday.

Kambi installed a market over the weekend in which customers could bet whether or not tonight's episode of Raw gets an average total audience of 2.3 Million or more for its USA Network airing.

When I first came across the prop yesterday, the 'No' was a 3/4 favourite while the selection which will pay out if ShowBuzzDaily.com reports the episode has an audience of 2.3 Million or more was offered up at 19/20.

By Monday morning, the 'Yes' had dropped from the aforementioned 19/20 into 17/20 and had declined once again when I had a look early on Monday evening. It was down to 8/13 at that point.

With the 'Yes' evidently backed, the 'No' was pushed out from the 3/4 and stopped off at 17/20 and was 23/20 by 4:00PM BST on Monday.

WWE Monday Night Raw Ratings Betting: September 9th 2019

As mentioned in my post from Sunday, last week's episode had an audience of around 2.5 Million. This week's show - despite being loaded with a King of the Ring semi final, a 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin appearance and more - has competition in the form of two NFL Monday Night Football games. 

I'm keen to see how this prop market goes because I've placed a small bet against the show getting 2,300,000 or more.

Bets will be graded once ShowBuzzDaily.com reports on the show's rating. 

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