Friday, 13 September 2019

Kambi Adjusts Line In TV Rating Prop And More

The oddsmakers from Kambi have adjusted the line in a TV ratings prop market I wrote about last Sunday.

The market is for the week of wrestling television - between September 30th and October 6th - that will see AEW launch its live weekly TV on TNT and WWE Smackdown moving to FOX. 

It also includes the television ratings for WWE Monday Night Raw on September 30th and the episode of NXT which will compete with AEW's show on October 2nd as the customers have the opportunity to bet on the total average audience for ALL of those shows.

When the market was initially published, Kambi had the line set at an audience of 8 Million or more so customers had the option to wager on the total audience being below that number by backing the 'No' at 7/10 or - if they felt the shows would have 8 Million or more - to take the 'Yes' at even money.

As of yesterday evening, Kambi has snipped 500,000 viewers from its estimate and is now offering '7.5 Million or More'. Both 'Yes' and 'No' have been placed at 17/20 apiece.

Kambi's Pro Wrestling TV Ratings Betting

There have been price changes in almost all of the other prop markets for that week of TV, Here are some notes.

AEW To Have More Viewers Than Raw?
The punters have seemingly backed 'No' in this market as it has dropped from 11/25 to 2/5. Those who think AEW will perform better than Raw on week one will now find the 'Yes' at 7/4. This is up from 8/5.

AEW To Have More Viewers Than NXT?
The 'No' has dipped from 5/4 into 6/5 in the market where customers can wager on AEW doing better than NXT in their head-to-head on Wednesday October 2nd. As a result, the 'Yes' has moved up to 3/5 from 11/20.

FOX .vs. USA Network Combo
The prop titled 'FOX .vs. USA Network Combo' asks the customer to bet whether the Smackdown debut on FOX has a better number than the combined USA Network numbers for Raw and NXT.
The 'Yes' and 'No' were both 17/20 to start with, but the former has now lowered to 3/4 and the 'No' has risen to 19/20.

AEW On TNT: 1.25 Million Or More?
The prop in which customers can wager on AEW on TNT having an audience of '1.25 Million or More' or below has seen the selection which covers the programme not having 1.25 Million or more drop from 19/20 into 7/10. A win for the 'Yes' is now offered at EVS, which is slightly up from Sunday's 3/4.

NXT On USA Network: 1 Million Or More?
The market in which customers can wager on the October 2nd episode of NXT having an average audience of '1 Million or More' has been adjusted a couple of times since Sunday's post. Both times has been in favour of 'Yes' as it went from 4/5 into 7/10 by 10:30AM BST on Monday morning and is now down to 8/13. As you'll see in the table, the 'No' is now out to 23/20 after starting 9/10.

Kambi's Pro Wrestling TV Ratings Betting

Smackdown On FOX: 3.5 Million Or More?
The market in which customers can wager on Smackdown getting 3.5 Million or more for its debut on FOX has seen the 'Yes' dip from EVS into 9/10 while the 'No' has moved up from 7/10 into 4/5.

AEW To Have 0.35 Million More Than NXT?
The spread special, which asks customers to bet whether or not AEW has 350,000 more viewers than NXT on the first night both shows go head-to-head has seen the 'No' lowered from 4/5 into 7/10. The option to wager on AEW beating NXT by 0.35 Million or more is now being offered at EVS. This is up slightly from 9/10.

Smackdown To Have 1.5 Million More Than Raw?
The market which asks customers whether Smackdown will have 1.5 Million more videwer than the September 30th edition of Monday Night Raw has seen the 'Yes' backed into 19/20 from 21/20. As a result, the bookies have the 'No' at 3/4 from 4/6.

The only market still showing the same pricing as the weekend is the one where clients can bet whether or not Smackdown on FOX's rating is better than Raw, AEW and NXT combined. The 'Yes' is 7/4 and the 'No' is a 2/5 favourite.

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