Sunday, 6 October 2019

A HIAC 2019 RequestABet I've Backed

The oddsmakers from Sky Bet have published a couple of RequestABet specials for tonight's WWE Hell in a Cell and I've immediately backed one of them.

The selection I have gambled on is:

Lynch, Rowan and Harper to win their matches and Seth Rollins to leave as champion

The odds are 20/1, so that should go to show how I need 

For starters, I've written for weeks that I believe Becky Lynch will defeat Sasha Banks to remain WWE Raw Women's Champion. 

I'm not completely confident in the other two parts I need for the bet to win, but I have - in the back of my mind - thought that Rowan and Harper could get the win IF the plan is for Bryan to turn on Roman Reigns. It was looking like Bryan/Reigns was a direction weeks ago, but I am not so sure now.

Whoever came up with the request and asked for 'Seth Rollins to leave as champion' is possibly doing so in case the Hell in a Cell match turns out to be a no contest or something. That was one of the scenarios I thought of when considering how Rollins could retain without doing damage to The Fiend. 

The other bet that is available (there might be more by the time you're reading this) is:

Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns/Daniel Bryan to win their scheduled matches

The bookies have it priced at 8/11 at the time of writing. This is obvious in conflict to two of the parts I highlighted in the 20/1 bet.

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