Wednesday, 9 October 2019

NXT Champion After Adam Cole Markets

With NXT's show on USA Network airing tonight, I thought I'd take a look over a couple of new betting markets that have been released by Kambi.

The specials were published over the weekend and allows customers to place bets on who they believe will succeed Adam Cole as NXT Champion.

There's also a special in which customers can wager on the time when Cole's title reign ends.

The 'Next to win listed Championship' market has both Finn Balor and Tommaso Ciampa as 5/4 joint-favourites. Both wrestlers returned to NXT TV last week, so it isn't surprising to see both of them at the top of the betting.

Other names on the list include names like Velveteen Dream (6/1), former champion - Johnny Gargano (9/1) and last week's losing contender - Matt Riddle (12/1).

Kambi's NXT Champion After Adam Cole Betting Market

The market where customers can bet on the date Cole loses the title has two selections for potential bettors to choose from. They are 'Before/During January 1st 2020' and 'After January 1st 2020'. The latter is a 13/20 favourite while the option to bet any time from the time of the bet right up to - and including - New Year's Day is 11/10.

Kambi's Date Adam Cole Drops The NXT Championship Market

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