Thursday, 6 February 2020

5/2/20 AEW Dynamite And WWE NXT Viewership Numbers Released (Plus Goldberg Guess) has released the TV viewership numbers for last night's AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT shows.

The winner of the night was Dynamite as it had 928,000 viewers while its competition had 770,000.

The 928,000 for AEW's flagship show means that a prop market, published by Kambi, will be settled.

In it, customers were asked whether or not the episode would have a total average audience of 825,000 viewers or more.

As you'll see in the table, the odds for the winner - 'Yes' - fell from 19/20 into 17/20 between Sunday and Tuesday.

AEW Dynamite TV Prop Bet For February 5th 2020

'Yes' is the winning selection in a prop market that was created for the WWE NXT number.

WWE NXT TV Prop Bet For February 5th 2020

The line was set at 700,000 or higher. Initially, the odds for the 'No' fell from 17/20 into 3/4. However, after that, the 'Yes' was backed from 19/20 into 3/4 and then into 1/2. 

I would presume that the latter round of betting was due to the news that Charlotte Flair was making an appearance on the broadcast with a tease that she was going to answer Rhea Ripley's WrestleMania challenge that was made on Monday night's episode of WWE Raw.

A third prop will also be settled following the release of last night's figures.

In it, customers were asked whether AEW Dynamite would beat WWE NXT by 100,000 or more viewers.

The difference was 158,000. Therefore, it's another win for the 'Yes'. 

As you can see, the first adjustments came in favour of the eventual winner as it dropped from 4/6 into 1/2. However, in the later rounds of wagering, the 'No' fell from 7/5 into 13/10 and closed 11/10.

AEW Dynamite .vs. WWE NXT TV Prop Bet For February 5th 2020

A prop for tomorrow night's WWE Smackdown on FOX is still available as of the time of writing.

As you can see, in the table below, the odds for the show to have an audience of 2.4 Million or more viewers have been on the decline after starting off at 9/10 on Sunday and is now down to 2/7.

WWE Smackdown On FOX TV Prop Bet For February 7th 2020

I am guessing the drop is due to people thinking there will be interest in Bill Goldberg's appearance on the show.

And seeing as I'm doing a lot of guessing, I may as well tell you who I believe will be Goldberg's next opponent. 

Roman Reigns.

Why? Well, it would explain why Reigns made a subtle jab at Goldberg on Twitter earlier this year.

Reigns was replying to somebody who asked why he punched a pad that's positioned on the floor during his entrance. The mention of head butting a door before a match being 'stupid' seemed like he was taking a shot at Goldberg. As soon as they began to advertise Goldberg for this week, this tweet was the first thing I thought of.

Roman Reigns Tweets About His Entrance

We'll see how good the guess is tomorrow night.

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