Monday 22 February 2016

WWE FastLane 2016 Betting Favourites

Here are the WWE FastLane 2016 betting favourites.

There have been some peculiar price changes during the past few hours, but there's nothing to suggest that this is due to any smart money. I'll publish updates within this post when necessary.

Here are the favourites as of 1am along with some notes regarding the outsiders' prices:

Roman Reigns -300 (Money has been coming in on Dean Ambrose)
Charlotte -300 (Brie Bella's odds have fallen from +400 to +220)
Lynch and Banks -460 (Naomi and Tamina's odds have dropped from +450 to +320)
Kevin Owens -460 (Ziggler's odds have descended from +500 to +320)
The Wyatts -510
AJ Styles -300 (Chris Jericho's odds have dropped from +350 to +250)

Rundown of winners
- Kalisto won as a -430 favourite
- Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks were victors as -460 favourites despite late interest coming in on Naomi & Tamina
- Kevin Owens also went into his match as a -460 fave
- Underdog victory for Big Show, Kane and Ryaback. They entered at odds of +340
- Charlotte successfully retained the WWE Divas Championship as a -300 favourite
- AJ Styles entered as a -280 fave over Chris Jericho despite the late money coming in on Y2J
- Roman Reigns won the main event as a -280 favourite. The real story is how far Dean Ambrose's odds fell in the latter stages of betting. He entered at +180 after being as high as +560 a few hours beforehand.

Prices are based on the lines available from


  1. Wyatts losing... Wwe what are you doing

  2. Good question Mr Kaye! I noticed an ever so slight change on the odds for this match last hour or so before 5Dimes took it off the board. The odds didn't flip, so I didn't think much of it.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. You're mistaken if you think those closing odds aren't right.

      As for the Wyatt 'pick', I wrote that the 9/10 odds being offered by bwin appealing. The market dictated that I was correct because they were installed as favourites everywhere else.

      I've been watching the odds for years. To say you come here every day and then state that 'WWE is unpredictable.. besides for this PPV' did make me chuckle, so thanks for that.


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