Monday, 12 February 2018

Kambi Updates For February 12th

The Kambi oddsmakers have taken down all but one of their WWE betting markets ahead of tonight's episode of WWE Raw. I was able to make some notes ahead of their removal.

WWE Champion After AJ Styles
The market where customers can have a wager on the date when the WWE Championship changes hands away from AJ Styles was adjusted today.

'When Will AJ Styles Drop The WWE Championship?' Betting Odds
Image taken from 32Red's WWE Betting Page

When I wrote about this market on Saturday, I noted that the price for Styles to retain all the way through WrestleMania and into 'On First Day After WrestleMania 34 Or Later' was out at 5/1. The selection has evidently been cut to 15/4.

As a result, the 'Between Royal Rumble, But Before WrestleMania 34' option has been increased from 2/1 into 5/2.

'During WrestleMania 34' remains at 1/5.

Money in the Bank Cash-in
I looked over the Money in the Bank cash-in markets in another post published on Saturday.

The market where clients could have a punt on the time-frame when the contract is executed looked this shortly before it was removed:

Women's Money in the Bank Cash-in Betting Odds
Image from Unibet's WWE Betting Page

On Saturday, I pointed out that the price for a cash-in 'During WrestleMania 34' was 3/1. This has now been snipped to 5/2.

The 'Between Survivor Series, But Before WrestleMania 34' selection has been pushed up from 1/10 into 1/7 while 'On First Day After WrestleMania Or Later' has been kept at 9/2.

WWE Raw Women's Championship After WrestleMania 34
Kambi's market - where customers can have a bet on the wrestler they believe will be WWE Raw Women's Champion at the end of WrestleMania 34 - has also been adjusted since I covered it in a post published yesterday.
In yesterday's post, I mentioned that the current reported WrestleMania plans have Alexa Bliss defending the title against Nia Jax. I noted that, if this plan doesn't change, Nia Jax at 4/1 and Bliss also at 4/1 was appealing. As you can see in the table below, the oddsmakers have slashed Nia Jax's price from 4/1 into 6/4 and snipped Bliss' price from 4/1 into 3s.

WWE Raw Women's Championship Betting Odds For Mania 34

Asuka remains the favourite simply because - in storyline - she still hasn't announced which title she will challenge for. The same reports I noted above have her moving to Smackdown to challenge for Charlotte Flair's title.

I'll post more updates when the markets are republished at a later date. In the meantime, you can check out their 2019 Royal Rumble markets.

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