Thursday, 10 October 2019

NXT And AEW TV Ratings For October 10th 2019 Are In

The ratings for last night's pro wrestling TV shows were released this evening. This now means that a number of TV ratings prop bets that were created by the Kambi oddsmakers will be settled.

The market that was specific to the NXT rating asked customers to bet whether the show had an audience of 0.825 Million or more.

When wagering began, the 'Yes' was a 3/4 favourite over the 'No' at 19/20. It appears the consensus went with the 'No' as - within three days - the odds were taken down to 9/10 while those for the 'Yes' were increased to 4/5.

The betting action turned out to be on the correct side as the audience was recorded as 790,000.

NXT on USA Network - October 9th 2019 TV Ratings Prop Bet

The 'No' won in the proposition for AEW Dynamite's audience as the punters were asked whether it would do better than 1.3 Million.

According to the source that Kambi uses to grade these markets - - AEW Dynamite had an audience of 1,018,000 for its airing on TNT (it was also aired on Tru TV, but for settlement purposes the only channel that counts is TNT). 

Looking at the betting, it would appear that there were some keen to wager on the show doing 1,300,000 or above as the 'Yes' moved in from 4/5 to 7/10 within two days and was then down to 4/6 on the afternoon of the show.

As a result of the 'Yes' falling in, the bookies moved the eventual winner out from 9/10 to 27/25 with a stop in-between at EVS on Tuesday.

AEW on TNT - TV Ratings Prop Bet For October 10th 2019

There were other AEW and NXT TV ratings props that saw the shows compete with one another and also Raw and Smackdown. I'll write about how they were/will be graded once I know the results of Smackdown's rating.

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