Sunday 3 September 2023

Punk To Return To WWE Prop Bet Published

Now that CM Punk has been released by All Elite Wrestling, the oddsmakers from BetOnline have created a proposition market which asks whether or not Punk will return to World Wrestling Entertainment in time for WrestleMania 40.

BetOnline forwarded me an email with odds of +400 for 'Yes' and -600 for 'No'. However, on the website, the only option available - as of the time of writing - is the option to gamble on 'Yes'. 

I have read the AEW press release announcing Punk's release and have also seen the two videos of Tony Khan addressing the situation.

Going by the wording and tone, it would not surprise me IF a legal issue arises between the two parties. If this turns out to be the case, it might not be a benefit to Punk if he were to gain employment immediately after his firing.

And that's even if he and/or WWE wants to do business together again.

WrestleMania 40 is set to take place on the weekend of April 6 and 7 2024.

The market is available under 'Wrestling - Futures' on the BetOnline Website.

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