Thursday 4 July 2024

Jey Uso Becomes MITB Odds-On Favourite Plus More

Jey Uso has become an odds-on favourite to win this Saturday's Money in the Bank ladder match.

In a post published yesterday, I noted that Uso and Drew McIntyre were, at that point, a pair of +125 joint-favourites with the BetOnline Sportsbook.

The market had initially opened with McIntyre favoured.

WWE Money in the Bank 2024 Betting

Uso currently sits at -150 with McIntyre now taking a spot as the match's second-favourite at odds of +150. The Scot had vowed to win the match with the plan that he'll cash in the briefcase during - or after - the Damian Priest .vs. Seth Rollins contest for the World Heavyweight Championship.

With the idea of McIntyre possibly winning in order to cash-in later in the show, there have been guesses by some that CM Punk could cost McIntyre either in the ladder match or in the other scenarios.

BetOnline has installed a proposition market which asks whether or not Punk will interfere in the men's Money in the Bank ladder match. As of this morning, the odds for 'Yes' is a -200 favourite over the +150 for 'No'.

It's important to stress that this prop is only for the Money in the Bank ladder match and not for Punk to interfere in a potential cash-in bout later in the show.

An Over-Under market has also been published for the match. It asks the customers how many ladders will be broken in the men's match with the line set at 1.5 ladders. The 'Over' is -150 and the 'Under' is +110.

A similar markets has been released for the women's ladder match with the line set at 0.5. Those looking to gamble on the 'Over' will find it favoured at -200 while the option to punt on 'Under 0.5 Ladders' is +150.

As for the outright market itself - Chelsea Green's price as the second-favourite has once again slid.

WWE Money in the Bank '24 Betting

Green is now +110. That's reduced from the +150 she had been since I noticed her odds plummet from +900 on Tuesday.

Tiffany Stratton remains odds-on at -200.

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