Thursday, 7 September 2017

Batista Installed As Joint-Favourite In 2018 WWE Hall Of Fame Betting

Dave Bautista has been added to Kambi's 2018 WWE Hall of Fame main eventer market that was republished this afternoon.

The market - which first went live in June - consists of a long list of names that could potentially headline next year's Hall of Fame ceremony from New Orleans. A winning bet will be paid out on the punter who correctly backs the star who is the main event of the ceremony (ie, the person who is inducted last).

When it was initially published, The Undertaker - who appeared to have retired at the end of this year's WrestleMania - was put up as a 1/2 favourite while Daniel Bryan was inserted in joint second, alongside Bill Goldberg, with a price of 2/1.

Batista being added makes sense.

In last week's issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there was a short paragraph in the WWE news section that mentioned that Batista's name was being floated around by people within the company.

The paragraph also mentioned that 'The Undertaker would be the headliner if he so chooses and The Rock will be the headliner whenever he so chooses', but the main take away is that Batista's being mentioned and that's why he is now available to anyone willing to bet on this market.

As of the time of writing, 'The Animal' is a joint-favourite at even money. He's alongside Undertaker who - as I pointed out above - opened at 1/2.

WWE 2018 Hall Of Fame Betting Odds For September 7th

One thing worth noting about Batista and next year's Hall of Fame is the fact that he's a busy man nowadays. His Hollywood commitments could easily get in the way of him being able to participate.

I've had a look at Bautista's IMDB page to see what his schedule looks like. He's listed as appearing in Escape Plan 3. The second film in the series, which also has Batista as a cast member, is in post-production as of the time of writing. I do not know when the third movie begins filming, but - based on one of the names on the cast list - I doubt it'll begin until the spring of 2018 at the earliest. With Devonta Freeman - who plays for the Atlanta Falcons - a cast member, I highly doubt the team will allow for him to do any other projects until the season is over. This - of course - is if the plan is for the movie to begin filming in 2018.

Another thing - I recall watching an Instagram video of Sylvester Stallone and Batista on the set of Escape Plan 2 earlier this year. I've just checked the date and it was published on March 21st.

The market can be found under WWE on the websites that publish betting odds from Kambi.

The image above is taken from Unibet's WWE Betting Page.

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